Natalia Vodianova "Stopped Enjoying" Modelling Work, Found it "Unfulfilling"

Russian model Natalia Vodianova has explained why she rarely works as a model - she realized she found the world "unfulfilling" and she "stopped enjoying" the work she was doing. She says that she made this realization in 2004 and began to focus on charity work instead, while she also felt it was more important to be there for her children than out working:

'Things change. I stopped enjoying what I was doing. I started from nothing but I worked hard and it was great. I earned good money and I had wonderful things.... I was surrounded by everything I ever wanted but then, one day, I started to wonder why I was leaving my husband and children to earn more money. Why? I saw no purpose in it, and I needed to see a higher purpose.''

Natalia, who created the Naked Heart Foundation charity, says that although she still likes to model from time to time, her charity work makes her feel more whole and she wants to do even more:

''I was very happy being a model and I still am, but the more I work with my charity the more I want to do. I have become pretty obsessed.''

Speaking on making her big break aged 17, Natalia admits that because she came from a relatively poor background, she was driven to succeed:

''I was so hungry for it. I had no other choice. Other girls did. They had families, nice lives. I had nothing. I couldn't go back - there was nothing to go back to and I had promised my family... I needed to earn money, to send money home.''


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