H&M Distance Themselves From Cara Delevingne Over Drug Use?

Despite previously appearing in promotional images for the brand, H&M have denied that they work with British beauty Cara Delevingne (she was rumored to have had a €1 million contract with the company) and have tried to distance themselves from her. The news comes following a drug scandal - she was spotted dropping a white packet filled with powder. At the time of the news, H&M claimed that they would "take action" if the story was true:

‘We have a zero tolerance policy towards drugs, and this also forms part of our advertising policy. Our team will evaluate the evidence over the next few days. If the story is true, then we will take action.’

Now, the company have backtracked on this statement further, commenting that she was never the face of the brand and she was only used for a show. Does this mean they found real evidence of her drug use? Or is this a precautionary measure? H&M said:

“She is not a model with us and I think there was a misunderstanding that she was the face of H&M, we just used her for the show.”


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