Alexa Chung's 'IT' Book Receives Negative Reviews

 Alexa Chung's new book named 'IT' recently landed in stores (she has made several book signing appearances to promote it) but it hasn't been met with the positive reviews she was hoping for, with some reviewers even giving the new book a rather scathing write up. 

David Sexton at the Evening Standard wrote "the whole book is best understood as one great big enhanced selfie" while The Guardian joked: "Ultimately, It comes across like some stoned fashion student's end-of-term mood board". 

The book, which features advice, doodles and photos, appears to be a let down for many readers, who believe Alexa didn't get personal enough and had little to say. Some of her advice included:
“Looking effortless takes a lot of effort. When I get new Converse I dedicate some time at home to shoving mud on them so they don’t look squeaky clean.”

"Eyeliner aside, sometimes I go crazy and add a red lip to my make-up look, but it has to be a very special occasion."

“If I can get dressed well, then that’s what I’m good at, visuals. Putting things next to things.”

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