Cara Delevingne "Done With Boys" Says "Fashion Week is Horrible"

Never one to hide what's on her mind, Cara Delevingne has spoken very candidly on skipping Fashion Week and also on her romantic life.

She calls Fashion Week "horrible" because of the great stress involved as she is regularly followed by the media and fans which can make her day even worse during that time:

“Fashion week is horrible. I mean it isn’t horrible really, it’s amazing. But having to work that much every day is. What I find hard is having to deal with all the people and all the c**p. It is when the press and fans are following me most and it’s when I work the hardest, so it’s kind of like, f***.”

Cara reportedly dated Jake Bugg for a while and was also linked to Harry Styles last year, but she says she is "done" with boys now:

 “I’m done with boys, they’re so annoying, all they care about is their willies. I want to behave more like a boy. I want to be the strong one. People see me being a crazy b**** but I’m the opposite inside.”

Opening up on her parents, Cara says they have talked to her about everything and anything, and as her mother once battled drug addiction, they are keen to inform her about the world:

“It’s so hard when you’re young and you feel so alone. They talk to me about anything, really – eating disorders, depression, family problems, especially because they know the things that may have gone on in my life, stuff with my mother."

Cara also believes that social media can be "too much" for young people:

"Kids should speak to each other. They’re horrid to each other online, they bully each other – they should shut up and stop it. The problem with social media is there is too much freedom. It’s too much, too young.”


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