Miranda Kerr Reveals Her Beauty Tips & Mother's Hair Secret

 Australian model Miranda Kerr has revealed some of her beauty tips and secrets, some of which she learned from her grandmother and mother. The model reveals that her grandmother's secret was to simply add a smile because people look at you differently:

''My grandmother has always been a natural beauty. When she smiles, she lights up the room. When it comes to beauty tips, my mother told me to smile as much as possible, it's an easy trick that can completely change your demeanour.''

On a secret hair repair that she always uses, Miranda reveals a recipe that her mother passed along to her which she likes to use after shows and shoots:

''Olive oil and lemon juice! At least once a week, I mix the two together and leave the mixture on my hair for as long as possible. It's a home recipe my mother taught me and I have yet to find a better way to repair my split ends after a catwalk show.''

Miranda also speaks on how she maintains her flawless complexion while on the go:

''I always have a hydrating spray with me and I go crazy with rose oil during the flight. Aside from giving me glowing skin by the time I land, it given me all the hydration I need.  I also never travel without a healthy snack. Once I've reached my destination, I have a hot shower then cover myself in moisturiser from head to toe.''

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