Alexa Chung on Doing Funny Impersonations & Not Sleeping Around

Speaking to Flare magazine as the issue's latest cover girl (see her editorial here), Alexa Chung opened up on her relationships, her funny side and her amazing wardrobe, revealing what she usually splurges on when she's buying a new designer item.

On why she doesn't feel like sleeping around: 

"I'm a serial monogamist. I can't just casually sleep with boys. It's just not for me. Call me old-fashioned. I don't sleep with people I don't find interesting, or whose brain isn't the main turn-on for me. It's not like I get all, 'Oh, he's fit.' It's often there's a deeper connection, so it just means it last a big longer." 

 On missing home now that she lives in NYC: 

"I do miss England a lot. I mention it every day because I want to retain my sense of Britishness, which is something I wasn't aware of until I moved [to the United States]." 

 On doing funny impersonations: 

"I can do good impressions of people; if I spend enough time with a person I can impersonate them: voice, mannerisms, all of it. I do a mean impression. But just actual friends of me, not famous people. Unless my friends are famous." 

 On what she'll invest in for her wardrobe: 

"I'm either working too much to get out there and spend money or I just don't buy too many trend-led pieces, so if I'm investing in something it's classic, does the job and lasts a long time."


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