Alexa Chung on Weight Critics: "It’s Just All Very Childish"

Alexa Chung has hit out at her weight critics. She believes those who criticize her for her weight are being "childish" even though she knows some are coming from a good place and might be worried about her. She wishes that people would just be accepting of people no matter what they weight. She said: 

 "It’s just all very childish, and I cannot believe we’re still having these debates over and over again. I understand if people are concerned for my health, but equally, I know I’m fine. It gets to a point where it goes beyond concern into bullying, and it’s turned into a platform for people to vent who are not happy with themselves. I find that every few years it’s a different girl that has to deal with it. I think before me it was Keira Knightley who was having a shit time. Or before her it was Victoria Beckham. I think it’s all come down to women just being happy with themselves and each other. It’s cheesy, but people should appreciate all shapes and sizes and love themselves and each other. Can’t we all just be cool, guys?"

 Speaking on writing about heartbreak in her new book 'IT', Alexa opened up: 

"I never really feel that single. There’s always, like, something going on. I’ve stopped thinking about it to be honest. I’ve decided that I’m going to accept it and tell myself that I’m good. It’s quite fun though, isn’t it? Anything can happen at anytime."

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