Alexa Chung's Hobbies: Taxidermy & Watching Friends

Featured inside the November 2013 issue of Flare, Alexa Chung is captured for a new editorial by photographer Jason Kim, and she also opens up on her hobbies, her career and being a style icon.
Alexa says she gets bored easily: 

“I’m someone who is naturally predisposed to boredom, that’s why I have so many jobs.” 

On being a style icon who creates trends and drives sales: 

 “I’m definitely someone who is inextricably linked to how fast fashion moves and that desire to be wearing the latest thing.” 

 Alexa admits she always feels like she needs to keep working on new projects: 

“People ask me that all the time and it adds to the pressure of me feeling like I constantly have to be doing something." 

Her hobbies are quite random: 

"I quite like a little taxidermy. Do you remember in Friends when they have sex in the museum? I fancied Ross the most; I hated Joey. he wasn’t hot enough for how many hot jokes they made about him.”


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