Miranda Kerr: Models Are "The Most Insecure People"

Posing for the November 2013 issue of Cosmopolitan, Miranda Kerr has also spoken on her career as a model, revealing that she believes models are "the most insecure people" because they're so regularly told they're not good enough or they're not meeting a certain standard.

She says she has had to learn how to love herself because the rejection is harsh:

"My life is more balanced than ever. There was so much rejection in the beginning. Models are some of the most insecure people I've ever met. They're constantly being told that they're not good enough. You've really got to practice loving yourself." 

 Miranda also says she thinks she is stronger than she is given credit for and says she has worked incredibly hard: 

"I'm a lot stronger than people think. I started my own company, invest my own money in it, and have been involved in every facet. I'm that person who says, no matter what the problem is, there's a solution. That's the way my brain is wired. If someone says to me, 'Well that's not possible. It can't happen,' I say, 'Yes it is. I'm going to sit here and show you that it can.' I can take no for an answer and accept it - but if there's a solution and I can make it work, why wouldn't I?" 

On searching for love, Miranda believes it's all about letting things happen naturally: 

 "The worst thing you can do is go looking for a partner. You have to embrace the time you have to yourself and do things that nurture your mind and soul. If the right partner is around, he'll come to you. I feel like men have a natural instinct to want to be the ones chasing. Don't be planning babies on the first date. Just relax into your skin instead of getting too far into the future. Be present."

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