Alexa Chung on London Street Style & Her Style Icons

Alexa Chung has revealed that she thinks London's street style is her favourite and she believes it's the best in the world. As a result, there is one negative aspect - it's difficult to find good vintage bargains because they quickly get snapped up whenever something ends up in stores. She prefers to shop for unique pieces in Los Angeles now:

''London street style is the best in the world. Fact. It's hard these days, most things have gone and there's only bad 80s stuff left. LA is still good for bargains but it's tricky to find gems in London and New York now." 

 Speaking on who inspires her style on a daily basis, Alexa says she is often inspired by musicians or vintage icons from the past who she loves: 

 ''Mick Jagger or Kurt Cobain if I'm feeling tomboyish. On a girlie day, it's Jane Birkin or Fran├žoise Hardy.''

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