Plus-Sized Model Tara Lynn: "It is Hard to Make Clothes Look Great on Big Women"

Perhaps one of the most well-known plus-sized faces, model Tara Lynn has spoken on how she understands why the industry was initially reluctant to use plus-sized models. 

She says it can be quite difficult to dress "big women" as the body shape is different and not everything is flattering. She explained to Elle Spain: 

 "It is hard to make clothes look great on big women. The more fat there is on a body, the more variation there is in the shape of that body." She adds that it "makes perfect sense that people are using a standard, clothes-hanger skinny body' to sell clothes." 

 However, the American beauty believes it's refreshing for people to see different shapes represented and involved in ad campaigns so there is less of an ideal presented. She said: 

'I think it's a great thing for [people] to see diversity in advertising and not have to feel like they need to fit a mold.' 

 Tara began embracing her own body as she came in to adulthood: 

'As you become an adult, you realize that you don't have to fit in with your peers. You don't have to look and think like everyone else.' 

 She also reassures that these days, people aren't using plus-sized girls just to get attention: 

 'We're getting covers and great editorials and amazing photographers wanting to shoot with us: it's not just PR stunts. They're excited to see what we do and capture our bodies.'


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