Alexa Chung Gives Her "Naturally Beautiful" Mother Makeup Tips

Alexa Chung, who recently collaborated with Eyeko on her first makeup collection, has spoken on her own mother's beauty habits. Alexa says that her mother is "naturally beautiful" but doesn't know anything about makeup so she has often offered her tips in the past:

'I grew up in the countryside and she's naturally beautiful, but she wasn't big on make-up. Even now, she's like, 'Where does this one go again, Alexa?' And I'm like, 'That's blusher, Mother! That's for your cheeks!' She does like a red lip, though. She's good at a red lip. But I'm the one who teaches her beauty tricks, even though she really doesn't need any make-up. That's the problem with having a pretty mum. You're like, 'Well what the f**k am I supposed to do now?' '' 

 Alexa also reveals that she prefers liquid eyeliner to kohl because it's more dramatic: 

 ''[I like it] just for the effect. If you use kohl for a cat eye it smudges and moves around. A liquid will stay in a more graphic shape and you can do more illustrations with it. Kohl in my mind is more for underneath the eye and getting a smokier effect.''

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