Eva Herzigova Calls Out Cara Delevingne for Oversharing on Twitter

40-year-old Czech model Eva Herzigova is experienced when it comes to dealing with the spotlight as a model. 

She has now called out Cara Delevingne for what she believes is oversharing via Twitter and Instagram. 

She thinks young models such as Cara may regret sharing so much of themselves in the future but at their young age they are influenced by others and are addicted to the social networks they regularly use. Eva commented:

 "I don’t think models and people in the public eye should be publicising their private lives. One day when the younger models such as Cara are older, they’ll look back and regret the silly or embarrassing pictures they made public."

Eva adds that social media is dangerous: 

"It’s dangerous for teenagers – it has become an unhealthy obsession."


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