Claudia Schiffer Says She Was "Innocent" and Didn't Go to Fashion Parties

Claudia Schiffer has opened up on her early career, admitting that she didn't attend many fashion-related parties and was completely innocent about what went on, such as drug taking. The model says she was never offered any drugs and was totally unaware of it: 

"I didn't really go to the parties - I'd go home after the shows. A lot of bad things can happen at fashion parties, but I wasn't aware of that at the time. I was so innocent. I wasn't aware that people were taking drugs around me and I was never offered anything. And I didn't like the taste of cigarettes or alcohol." 

Speaking on if she ever stays in touch with any of the other big model names who found fame at around the same time, Claudia comments that they aren't in touch too frequently but they do touch base with each other: 

"Very occasionally. We're still in contact via e-mail. I might be in LA and e-mail Cindy or see Eva in London. It's very sporadic, but when I see them I can still talk to them and pick up where we left off. That's the kind of bond that I don't think will ever break. Even though there was a large amount of competition, there was also a camaraderie and we knew that we were part of that club that was very special."

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