Naomi Campbell on Taking Kate Moss' Style Advice & Model Friendships

Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss - two of the most recognizable British models - have been close friends since they first met in their early years in 1992. On the occasion of Kate recently celebrating her 40th birthday, Naomi opened up on her relationship with the famous face, commenting on once receiving some style advice from Kate which she followed:

"We were like sisters. Kate was cool, stylish. She'd sometimes tell us how to dress - 'You need to be a bit more funky and downbeat. On her advice I once wore Adidas sneakers with a Galliano dress, which in retrospect was an appalling faux pas. I realised that Kate Moss could get away with things that the rest of us couldn't."

On their first ever meeting: 

"I first met Kate Moss in Los Angeles in 1992. She was 15, I was 18. It was a brief meeting but I remember her being strikingly quiet, she hardly spoke. She can be very shy at times — if she doesn't know you she doesn't speak. The other striking thing, obviously, was her beautiful face. I knew she was special from that first minute I saw her.
 Some months later in 1993 we were both working in Madrid and that's when I kidnapped her. I said: "You can't be here on your own! You're coming with me." That was the start of a long friendship."  
On meeting Christy Turlington and showing her the ropes:

"I was lucky enough to have met Christy Turlington already, and then I took Kate under my wing and we became a three. Christy and I showed Kate the ropes. If we knew a designer was a certain way we'd explain it to her, we'd tell her how people worked and what to look out for. We'd share everything. We worked so hard in those days, and then in the evening we would go out, for dinner, to concerts."

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