Tali Lennox Speaks on Cutting Her Hair Off & Raw Food Diet

British model Tali Lennox has revealed that when she first started out as a model, she was convinced to cut off her hair but she has regretted the decision and has been growing her locks out since the mistake. She commented that she learnt a valuable lesson from the experience:

''When I first started modelling I was persuaded to cut my hair into a blunt, Lego man cut. It was not good. I've been growing it out ever since. It's a lesson learnt - you have to keep a sense of yourself.''

Opening up on her diet, Tali comments that she tries to eat raw food as often as possible:

''I try to eat lots of raw food, because it loses nutrients if it's cooked. When I do cook, I add in lots of natural flavour with chilli and coriander.'' 

Speaking on her workout regime, Tali says she doesn't work out that often but tries to have an active lifestyle:

 "I don't really work out - I'm trying to get into it. I live in New York, so I walk and cycle a lot. When I'm in London, I go to bootcamp Pilates, where you use resistance machines - it's tough but you really see results."


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