Bobby Fox Speaks on Miranda Kerr's Singing Voice

Australian model Miranda Kerr recently revealed that she'll debut her singing voice on a collaborative cover single with musician Bobby Fox. The duo are releasing an Elvis cover song, 'You're The Boss' together which will be released in April and they've even filmed a video clip to accompany the new tune. Speaking on working with Miranda, Bobby says he reached out to her and he was surprised when she was interested in the project:

“I just thought there was no way that she’d say yes, cos’ in my mind, she wouldn’t have a clue who I am, nor would she care, and when they came back that she was interested in doing this specific tune, I f***king passed out. I just thought, great, okay.” 

Bobby adds that the song shows Miranda's delicate side which he says was perfect for what he wanted:

“Miranda has a delicate way about her, she is a very strong and independent woman, but when she speaks she has a delicacy and its sort of a vulnerability about her. The song is not your big outlandish, beltsy number. It is very sexy, demure and conversational in a way. Her voice and tone, I mean not to go overboard, was absolutely perfect for the track itself.” 

When asked if Miranda might join him on tour at any point, Bobby says he hopes she can find the time to do that:

“I hope so, I really hope so. It comes down to Miranda’s schedule. She has a lovely voice, and I’d love for people to hear it. I don’t know if we’d be going on an international tour together, but I hope so, that’d be really, really nice.”


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