Cara Delevingne Turns Down 70% of Job Offers

British model Cara Delevingne only accepts a small amount of modeling job offers her agency has revealed. Sarah Doukas, Storm Model Management’s co-founder, commented that they spend a lot of time turning down offers and she only says yes to around 30% of projects. Doukas admits: “We spend our lives saying no.” She adds that Cara is using social media in a way no one else is:

“For Cara, it just comes naturally to use social media and it’s just part of the way she lives, I mean the other day she took a selfie on the catwalk. Nobody else from another generation, perhaps Kate’s, would even consider doing that.” 

Doukas’s brother and the agency’s co-owner, Simon Chambers, thinks Cara is the ultimate modern muse who can use social media to gain a lot of attention:

“Cara is a lot like social media itself – innovative, exciting and can't stop expressing herself.”

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