Sienna Miller on Pulling Selfie Faces & Breaking Life Rules

British actress Sienna Miller covers the latest anniversary issue of Nylon magazine. With new strawberry blonde locks, the mother of one opens up on her life, career and making selfie faces. 

On designing for Twenty8Twelve: 

"We were designing a really big collection in the end... I think maybe I'd be more fulfilled being a couturier or something, or doing 10 amazing pieces a season." 

 On her career: 

"In the past I was always drawn to the roles, and was often really exploring characters, but then the final result was not what it was supposed to be. My modus operandi after I had the baby was to work with great people, no matter the capacity, even if I had a smaller part. If I got to work and have to sob all day and kill myself thinking about every sad thing that's ever happened, I'll get home feeling like I'm flexed some sort of muscle." 

On wanting to rebel against life rules:

"Life is really short. A lot of what we do is a reaction to what people thinking you're supposed to do. 'Have a kid by 30. Move in, but live together for at least this amount of time.' All of those rules I want to rebel against." 

On pulling selfie faces: 

"I'm not very good at the selfie face. I can do it for, like, three seconds and then I crack up."

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