Abbey Lee Kershaw: Models Aren't Fed Enough at Fashion Week

Australian model Abbey Lee Kershaw has spoken out on how under catered Fashion Weeks are, saying that those who run the event should be responsible for supply models with nutritious food to keep them going. Abbey believes those in charge need to 'supply more nutrients backstage' and she says it's rare to see models looked after well:

 'It's quite rare that you find models taken care of backstage. As an industry I think there could be more done to keep girls' energy levels up.'

Abbey doesn't understand why more food can't be made available to the models who are working backstage and believes it should be more considered by organizers:

 'I'm not sure whether it's a money thing, or whether people don't think about it, or whether there's just not anybody hired that should be thinking about it.'

Abbey's comments come just days after Australian model Cassi Van Den Dungen made headlines for her shockingly thin appearance during the Alex Perry catwalk show at Sydney Fashion Week - read the story here.

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