Cara Delevingne Upset by Michelle Rodriguez Relationship Haters

British model Cara Delevingne is reportedly upset after users on Instagram and Twitter have taken aim at the model and her relationship with actress Michelle Rodriguez. Haters slammed the couple who recently went public with their romance and some users left mean comments for the model to read on the photos she's posted. A source said that Cara doesn't understand how people can be so hateful:

"She can't understand why people would be so mean. They were cool with her dating one of the world's No. 1 heartthrobs, Harry Styles. But with Michelle she has something much deeper - they are exclusive and committed. Why should that make strangers unhappy?"

Cara is also worried about how people are treating her:

"She's become cynical and suspicious of people's motives, and this is the side of Cara the public never sees. Everyone thinks she just floats through life on a cloud."

The model has also worked hard for self-acceptance and doesn't want people to influence that:

"Cara's worked hard to accept who she is, and with all this hatred there are fears it could trigger another bout of depression."


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