Did Cara Delevingne & Michelle Rodriguez Split Up?

Have Cara Delevingne and her actor girlfriend Michelle Rodriguez split for good? The couple were photographed kissing on a beach in Mexico which Cara appeared to be upset about, the model took to her twitter to write an angry rant at the paparazzi for continually following her. Since the vacation, the couple haven't been spotted together, although they may simply be busy with separate projects. A source commented that the couple are likely to end soon if they haven't already:
"Cara's obviously still very young, and... the age gap between her and Michelle... might end up being an issue in the future. Cara's definitely somewhat of a loose cannon, and she's notorious for partying and hooking up with people... Eventually, she won't want to be tied down anymore, and when that time comes, we can only hope that Michelle doesn't get her heart broken."

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