Lottie Moss Sees Model Job as "Hobby", Might Become Fashion Journalist

Kate Moss' half sister Lottie has been stepping in to the spotlight ever since she signed with Storm management. She may be just 16, but the rising face sounds wise beyond her years as she speaks about her potential career paths and how she sees modeling. Lottie says that currently, modeling is just a hobby but it's something she enjoys doing:

“I honestly think about it more as a hobby. I like the attention. I love the spotlight.”

Lottie reveals that she would like to continue working in the fashion industry and if modeling doesn't work out, she would like to try fashion journalism instead:

 “I want 
to stay in this industry, and I think journalism is quite a good path for me. I hope to model for as long as I can. We’ll see how it goes.”

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