Miranda Kerr Praises Orlando Bloom, Reveals Diet Secrets

Australian model Miranda Kerr has praised her ex Orlando Bloom, saying they are both happy and working together as parents even though they are no longer a couple. She says she is lucky to have him in her life: 

“I think it’s really important to have two happy parents and he is really happy and I am happy. He is a great dad and I feel really lucky to have him in my life.” 

Speaking on being her best, Miranda says it all comes from inside:

“It starts inside really so when you feel good about within yourself then you will be kind to yourself and want to eat healthfully. And when you’re eating healthfully, you are getting more energized.” 

Revealing her diet secret, Miranda says she loves Noni which is a superfood packed with vitamins and minerals: 

 “One of my secrets is Noni … It’s a superfood that I drink but also use to apply topically onto my face which right now I have as a key ingredient in my products. It has over a 170 vitamins and minerals. I notice the benefits first hand; I’ve been drinking it since I was 12.”

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