Miranda Kerr on Buddhism, Spirituality & Being a Tomboy

Australian model Miranda Kerr has denied reports that she is a practicing Buddhist, however she reveals that her ex-husband Orlando is. Miranda says she is a Christian but not particularly religious and more of a generally spiritual person:  

"No, I'm not Buddhist. Orlando is. I'm not Buddhist. I'm Christian. I pray every day. I meditate every day and I do yoga. I'm not religious, I'm spiritual. And praying is something my grandmother taught me as well. To pray and be grateful, have gratitude, is a big thing for me."

The model says that when she was a young girl growing up in Australia she was a tomboy and loved to spent hours outside. She adds that there was still plenty of feminine activities she enjoyed too:

"I guess I was a tomboy in that I loved to be outside, and then I had that balance and I was intrigued by the feminine aspect. I would sit and talk to my grandmother a lot about certain things. Her prize possession was her tea set. She had this little tea set, and all the bits and pieces that go with it. Little ornate objects in this cabinet. We'd sit, and she'd say, 'Let's have a cup of tea.'"

Opening up on her career as a model, Miranda used to think of it as a hobby and never thought it would last long:

"I was 14. I guess I wasn't that interested [in modelling]. I wanted to finish high school. When I finished high school I travelled to Japan, because I had a contract in Japan. Then I went back to Australia. I didn't really take it seriously to begin with. I just thought it was a fun experience. I never thought it would last this long."

Miranda at the Swarovski Gala Dinner in Sydney: 


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