Toni Garrn on Her Beauty, Diet and Workout Tips

German model Toni Garrn appears inside the new issue of L'Express Styles as captured by photographer Alex Cayley. She also speaks to the publication on her beauty, diet and workout tips. The model says her beauty secrets are all very simple:

My tips are very classic, but they always work: drink a lot of water, above all remove your make up every evening and use rosemary oil to hydrate your skin whenever it is too dry. 

On her favourite smoothie that she likes to blend herself:

I'm obsessed with smoothies. I prepare one with bananas, spinach, spirulina and acai berries. It's delicious and it gives me all the energy and vitamins I need throughout the day. 

On Forcing herself to get going when it comes to working out regularly:

 Sometimes you just need to force yourself a little, but it's always more pleasant when the workout is fun. A tennis match with friends or an hour of swimming in the sea, that's perfect for me. If that isn't possible, I go to the gym early in the morning. It's hard to get up, but you feel so good afterwards.

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