Gisele Bundchen on Her Career Success: "People Trust Me"

Photographed by Matt Jones for the latest issue of Elle Canada, Gisele Bunchen also opens up on her body, career and if she'll be attending the World Cup in Brazil.

On how she feels about her body: 

“The body is a temple. I enjoy moving. I don’t play much volleyball anymore, but I ride horses, surf and play beach tennis. I play wherever I am. Kung fu, boxing, yoga, Pilates.... It makes me feel alive. If I don’t move my body, I don’t feel good.” 

On if she'll be attending any of the World Cup matches in Brazil:

“Well, I would like to score a goal myself. [Laughs] I’m very proud that I was born in Brazil. I love the spirit of the Brazilian people. There’s something magical about it. There’s a viva—there is joy. There is warmth—a sense of welcome. When I first came to America, I was hugging and kissing everyone and people were shocked. Soccer supporters will come from different parts of the world, and they will experience that side of Brazilian life—all that beauty and energy.” 

On why she thinks her career has lasted:
“People trust me when they book me for a job. The minimum I give them is 100 percent. I’ve never been late for a job, I respect people and I want to be at my best every time: to show up and deliver. When I lose that, I’ll stop. I’ve done a million photos in my life, and my excitement for it remains intact.”

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