Toni Garrn on her Beauty Routine, Motherhood & Acting

German model Toni Garrn has opened up on how she takes care of her skin. She comments that she keeps her usual routine simple and as natural as possible, placing an emphasis on always trying to keep her skin as clean as possible: 

"I always use good products to clear my skin. But it is good, so, I'm lucky in this regard. Also I never sleep with makeup. I like to use bender eyelashes and eyelashes mask. I never dyed my hair and, and when it is possible, I do not use dryer."

Currently dating actor Leonardo DiCaprio, Toni comments that she does hope to have children some day:

"Yes, I would love to be a mom and have a big family like mine, would be awesome! But I like to live without having to plan things too much. I'm only 21 and I like my freedom." 

On if she would ever try acting:

 "I do understand that many of them do it because it is similar to our profession and sounds fun. It's something that interests me. If the opportunity arises, I will definitely try it! But now I'm focused on modeling career."


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