Karlie Kloss Had to Quit Ballet Because She Was Too Tall

American model Karlie Kloss was originally pursuing a career in ballet before becoming a world famous model. She explained that she was unfortunately forced to quit ballet after she grew too tall: 
"I wish to make my career, but I grew up too fast. Today I 185cm, 15 years old I was already 1.80, which was much too big to be a ballerina. You must be the same size the company. It seems that it was not in my cards! " 

 On skipping college because of her modeling career:
"I find it fascinating, and I would develop my own business, starting with market my cookies. But I love my life. I learn things every day, even if I do not spend my time nose in books . "If Karlie had not become a model, she would be ... doctor... "I was very good at science at school My father is a doctor, so I thought a surgeon emergency physician or pediatrician I love children I 'want it as much as my parents! "


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