Karlie Kloss on Her Favourite Apps: "I Live on Instagram"

American model Karlie Kloss has revealed her top 3 apps, admitting she is addicted to Instagram and often checks it more frequently than anything else, including emails. She commented on her top picks: 

 “I live on Instagram. I feel like I check it more than my e-mail. I like Uber and Nike Training Club, a program that’s a lot more convenient than a personal trainer.” 

On how she stays fit while on the go, the model says she takes ankle weights and resistance bands with her, and often finds she can do a better workout in her room instead of hitting the gym:

 “I bring two- or three-pound ankle weights and resistance bands. Sometimes I get a better workout staying in my room and forcing myself to do half an hour or even 15 minutes versus going to the gym. Before I leave for work, I try to do something. It helps me feel better for the rest of the day.”  

Speaking on her top beauty essentials, Karlie says she is a product hoader but there a few top essentials that she always uses:
 “I have a whole second bedroom filled with products, but I stick to the things that work. I like Living Proof shampoo and conditioner. They make my hair bounce in a different way. I like products that streamline my morning routine. Sunday Riley has a really good foundation; it’s very velvety. The Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer is good. I love RMS “Un” Cover-Up for under eyes or on a blemish.


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