Daria Werbowy Explains Why She Stepped Back From Modelling

Canadian-Ukrainian model Daria Werbowy recently decided to take a step back from her career as a model, opting to embrace a quieter lifestyle away from the spotlight. Opening up on her decision, Daria has explained that she needed some time off from her life as a model because she was no longer happy: 

 "If you live a fast-paced life, it's easy to lose touch with things that are important. At the end of the day, I wasn't happy, so I pressed the eject button." 

Daria hasn't quit completely, and still regularly appears in campaigns and editorials. She now just selects only projects she approves of personally and still works hard to maintain her career: 

"If I'm working, I'll work hard. When I take time off, I take time off hard," 

Speaking on going nude for shoots, Daria candidly admits that stripping off often helped her cope with her fear of the camera:

"I still get self-conscious in front of the camera and for some reason my coping mechanism is to take my clothes off."


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