Miranda Kerr: "Of Course I Have a Wicked Side"

Miranda Kerr has a squeaky clean image (besides an alleged affair with Justin Bieber which may have sparked the recent fight he had with Miranda's ex Orlando Bloom in Ibiza) but she insists she has a "wicked side" and often likes to party. The model explained that she loves to enjoy a night out:

''Of course I have a wicked side. Don't we all? I can go to a party and have a drink or two and dance all night, but I don't feel the need to overdo it. Of course I have been [drunk] a few times in my life. I can actually have fun and enjoy myself without having to take it too far. A little party never killed nobody - that's from ['The Great Gatsby'], right? I love music, I love dancing. I dance every day in my house, everything from Tiesto to Dr Dre to Chopin.''

Miranda adds that she likes to start her day in a positive way by saying a prayer after she gets up in the morning:

 ''I like to set the scene before I even get to work with a prayer, and setting the tone with intention. Always, before I go to work, I bless this day, let it be illuminated with light and love.''


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