Prabal Gurung Speaks on His MAC Collaboration Collection

Designer Prabal Gurung is taking a step in to the beauty world with a new makeup collaboration with MAC. The limited collection is set to hit stores in America on November 26th, and elsewhere from December. The makeup will also be previewed at the upcoming Spring/Summer 2015 show which will be taking place soon as part of New York Fashion Week. He opened up on his experience with beauty:

“My love of fashion and beauty began when I was a kid. It was my comfort, my escape. I didn’t know the beauty brands or the big designers when I was really young, but I was fascinated by the packaging and the beautiful boxes. It was almost magical. I’d see my mom come home from work and put on all this make-up and it would be a total transformation happening, and [I saw] the confidence that came with that.” 

Prabal reveals he was inspired by artists Damien Hirst and Sylvie Fleury, as well as photographer Nick Knight for his collection. He commented that he thinks the ritual of putting on makeup can be a great time to reflect on a mood or a style: 

 “I always feel, whether it’s getting dressed or putting on makeup, it’s ritualistic, a very spiritual process that a woman has. We men don’t have the opportunity to do that. As time-consuming as it might be, it’s really a time for you and yourself, deciding how you want to feel, how you want to look."

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