Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Confirms Engagement to Jason Statham

It looks as though British model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has just confirmed her engagement to her actor boyfriend Jason Statham. She hinted in a recent interview that she has some exciting personal news that she can't share just yet, and now she may have accidentally let slip exactly what her news is. In a new interview, Rosie is quizzed on the top of marriage and she suggests that she is in fact engaged, but not yet ready to announce the news.
Interviewer: "You must be very excited about the next few years. Any marriage plans?"  
Rosie: "It’s... yes, I’m very excited." 
Interviewer:"Are you getting married?" 
Rosie"Um. I’m not going to... I can’t tell you that."  
Interviewer"Well, clearly the answer’s 'yes', otherwise you’d just say 'no'." 
Rosie: "I can’t, I can’t tell you."  
Rosie"No, no, no, well, you know, I can’t tell you that right now." 
Interviewer"Well, it’s wonderful news."  


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