Abbey Lee Kershaw on Her Acting Career & Thriving on Change

Landing a new feature for Oyster magazine, Australian model Abbey Lee Kershaw poses for photographer Bill Henson and speaks about her new acting career, her fast-paced lifestyle and needing a balance between city and country. She says she is neither a city or country girl:

"I'm not a city girl or a country girl. I flit between both. My connection with those places varies based on my mood. I love the Australian landscape, though. I haven't been to the desert but I've spent a lot of time in the dirt and the water. I love the water. My emotions are probably exactly like the Australian environment: hot one day, rainy the next, you know?" 

She used to be nervous auditioning for roles but now she tries to stay calm, and she thinks acting is quite instinctive:

 "Yes! I used to have such a tough time because I'd get so fucking nervous. I couldn't sleep the night before! And now I feel like I've got this. It also depends on how close I feel to the role and how badly I want to be a part of the movie. You know, I haven't done acting classes since drama at high school. I'm not opposed to getting coaching. I mean, I guess I got booked for Mad Max with no experience. It feels like acting is more instinctive. I'm just waiting for it to get to that point where I need training — I know I'm going get there because I've got a lot to learn!" 

On moving around frequently and enjoying each place and new experience: 

 "I don't have any other choice. That's the path I've taken in life. I just roll with the work that I get, and I really thrive on it — it's the only way I function. If I'm in a place for too long I freak out. I book a plane ticket to anywhere [laughs]. I don't think you need any expectations with life. You're better off just to roll with it."

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