Cara Delevingne on Her Style: "I Could Feel Like a Dinosaur"

British model Cara Delevingne has opened up on her personal style, explaining that she finds it hard to describe because it's constantly changing. Cara says her fashion sense changes daily and it just depends on how she feels: 

 "I find this a very hard question to answer because it changes daily. Comfortable - casual, usually. Youthful. Maybe sometimes a bit quirky. It's however I wake up that morning. I could feel like a dinosaur, I could feel like a ballroom dancer, it depends." 

Cara is the current face of Pepe Jeans' campaign which uses the line 'Made For Mischief' as its inspiration. The model gushes that she'd love to have it tattooed on her foot: 

 "It's perfect! I love it, I want it tattooed on my foot. I have 'Made In England' on one side, 'Made For Mischief' should be on the other really. I think everyone is a little made for mischief - it's just about when that mischief comes out. You know, the little kid wanting to pull pranks or just wanting to have fun. Not even to rebel, but just to have a good time."

She's also a fan of several pieces in the collection, including one shirt she has her eye on: 

 "I love the red theme throughout the collection, in particular the tartan shirt. The jeans are always great because they fit perfectly."


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