Lara Stone on School Bullies, Finding Success & Admiring Kate Moss

Lara Stone has spoken on her career, as well as her younger years. When asked if she always dreamed of becoming a model, Lara responded that it didn't cross her mind before because the fashion world wasn't something she was aware of while growing up. Lara said on the subject:

''Not really to be honest. Fashion was a completely different world from where I stood. It didn't really exist in our little village, I hadn't heard of Vogue until I was 16. I was teased quite a bit for the way I looked. I was much taller than all the other girls - and boys - in school and the gap in my teeth made me look even more different.'' 

The model adds that she feels very lucky for the success she has had so far:

''I feel very, very lucky. I have an extraordinary chance to meet people from all around the world and learn from them.'' 

Lara says she admires Kate Moss for always being true to herself throughout the span on her career:

 ''I admire Kate. Definitely. I admire those who don't bow down and stand for their own ideas. Fashion is a tough world but you have to remain confident and creative.''


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