Abbey Lee Kershaw:"I Once Wet Myself in Bed"

Covering the new issue of Good Weekend magazine, Australian model Abbey Lee Kershaw talks candidly about her life, what it's like to model and the fashion world. Abbey refuses to be embarrassed by anything that has happens to her and reveals she once wet herself while in bed and her boyfriend even got covered:

"I once wet myself in bed and my boyfriend at the time woke up wet through. I've done all kinds of embarrassing things like that, but there's no room for embarrassment or shame, life's just one big joke." 

Abbey believes good models need to be smart and be able to take a lot of harsh criticism: 

 "To be a good model, you have to have a level of worldly intelligence. You travel constantly, usually alone, to places you've never been to, to work with people you've never worked with ... to work with adults when you are often no more than a child. So you have to grow up fast, and learn to deal with rejection based on nothing other than your appearance, which as a woman is inherently hurtful." 

She says modeling can be quite intense and a lot of hard work:

 "Walking down a catwalk in long, hard, fast steps wearing six-inch heels is quite cardiovascular. You really stomp down. And then there is the adrenalin of having the bright spotlights and thousands of people watching you." 

Speaking on the time she passed out backstage at the 2008 Alexander McQueen show, Abbey explained: 

 "They put me in a corset that was way too tight and had me standing around waiting for an hour in the line-up. By the time I was meant to go on, I was so exhausted that I hyperventilated and passed out."


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