Doutzen Kroes: "I'm Really Grateful for My Job"

Dutch beauty Doutzen Kroes is one of the top models in the world and she says she doesn't take it for granted. The model comments that she is "really grateful" for the work she gets and loves being able to attend red carpet events. She admits she is "very blessed" because it's not something every mom gets to do:

''I'm really grateful for my job that I can go to events like this and get my hair and make-up done. It's something that a lot of moms don't have and I'm very blessed.'' 

After recently welcoming a second child, Doutzen admits it was at first hard to get the balance right between work and home life. She thinks the best thing to do is "stay calm" and she's slowing getting used to making it work:

 ''It was really shocking, but now after three months I'm getting into it. I'm okay doing it by myself too when my husband is travelling... I've been practicing and it's amazing. It's the best feeling in the world. You just have to stay calm.'' 

The model loves to stay fit and also thinks good genes do help:

''I'm very active and [play] lots of sports and [it's] also genetics I think -- a little bit of everything. I'm very mindful of what I do and how much I work out and what I eat.''


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