Frida Gustavsson Confirms She's Quitting Modelling for Acting

Swedish model Frida Gustavsson has been noticeably scaling back her modelling work recently, and now she's confirmed that she's changing her focus to acting, be it in theatre or on film. She has said that she is not necessarily drawn to a Hollywood style career, although she recently auditioned for the new Star Wars film but did not get the part. She explained: 

"No, and I’m not looking for becoming a celebrity. I want to work with something that I believe in, whether it is a traveling puppet show or an American film. I have worked so many years to realize the ideas of others. Now I want to do something for myself, something that comes from within." 

She says her New York agency are supportive of the move: 

"More positive than I thought. My agent in New York, who also works with Gisele and Julianne Moore, said that all these “adds characters” makes me a better model." 

Frida says she wont take any more modelling work "unless they are really great fun and give me a lot of money" but she admits it's scary to move in to something new:

"It’s scary ****. My reality in the recent years has been a six-year of sitting on various aircrafts. Now staying home and challenging myself scares me more than to not ever going to travel. But I have chosen not to make it look like I have quitted, but like I’m taking a break. It is more mitigating for all involved. When the theatre classes end in January, maybe nothing happens. Or I do apply to a stage school. The only thing I know is that if I’m going to work on this, it will last a lifetime. So now I’ll release five-year plans, and I will take one step at a time. We’ll see how it goes."


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