Karlie Kloss: "I Never Thought I Wanted to be a Model"

American model Karlie Kloss has spoken on her career, admitting that she never thought being a model was an option for her. She explained that it was a very different world to where she grew up:

"I never thought I wanted to be a model, I never knew that job existed. I knew the supermodels of course, even in my small town I knew of Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, but it just seemed unattainable. Before I started modelling, the extent of my fashion knowledge was my subscription to Teen Vogue." 

She was cast exclusively in a Calvin Klein show in 2007 and it started her career:

  "After that, I came to New York for a weekend with my mum; I was 15 and had just started high school. I went to a casting at Calvin Klein and went up to meet Francisco Costa, the designer, with my mum waiting downstairs. I was really nervous – a shy, skinny and awkward 15-year-old – and I didn't think it went that well. By the time I got downstairs, my mum was on the phone to my agent, jumping up and down and crying, 'Karlie, you got it!'." 

 She has always brought her family with her and never travelled solo at a young age: 

 "I was so protected. Every step of the way from that point on I had my mum or my dad, or my uncle or aunt or my grandmother – somebody from my family always. And if a family member couldn't come on a trip with me, I brought my teacher. It was almost a joke at a certain point, but I got to travel the world and share it with my loved ones."


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