Lily Donaldson Speaks on Getting Ready for the Victoria's Secret Show

The 2014 Victoria's Secret show is just around the corner, and this time it's set to take place in London. British model Lily Donaldson has spoken on how she's preparing for the big event, saying she is watching her diet more carefully and is amazed by how the other models look. She also thinks the show has a healthy message for women because they all look strong and fit:

"All of the girls are like, athletes - it’s pretty crazy. I definitely eat healthier. It’s a good incentive. You almost want to have the show twice a year, so that you have this goal to be as fit as you possibly can. It’s a good goal to have. It’s all about being sexy and embracing your femininity and being a woman - being this Amazonian woman. It’s quite strong for women, I think." 

Commenting on this year's show location, Lily says she thinks it's an interesting choice and she believes British people will love it:

 “It always felt so detached from England — you don’t really have things like this in England. But I think [London’s] going to really embrace it. I think it’s going to be a kind of crazy thing over there.”


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