Adriana Lima Shares Her Beauty, Fitness & Diet Routine

Brazilian Victoria's Secret beauty Adriana Lima has shared her beauty, fitness and diet routine. The model believes working out greatly helps the skin, while she also loves oxygen facials:

''Working out is a beauty ritual for me. I find sweating to be the best natural detox and it gives my face a nice glow. I also like to get a bit of a tan if I'm getting my body out - I use a rich body scrub to buff it back to brightness - and I swear by oxygen facials to plump my skin.'' 

She loves boxing and enjoys mixing up her routine when working out, while she also likes to bring a skipping rope if there aren't many other options for exercise:

 ''I try to exercise as much as I can - boxing is my favourite - but it depends what my schedule is like. If I'm travelling, I either bring my skipping rope with me and try to jump for 10 minutes, or if there's no room, I go for a run outside.'' 

She watches her diet and does her best to stick to healthy foods:

 ''I eat as healthily as possible, with lots of vegetables, grilled fish and stuff like that. I love teas, juices and smoothies as well. I usually mix mango and mint or kale, cucumber and apple.''



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