Candice Swanpoel on Being Told to Lose Weight: "It Was Shocking"

South African model Candice Swanepoel has candidly opened up on her career, admitting that she has been told to lose weight in the past, and when it happened she thought it was "shocking". The model explained: “I was so used to people criticizing me for being too thin that it was shocking to me.”

 Candice says her job requires her to be physically fit and she often sees herself as an athlete: “I’m an athlete. I use every single muscle, especially my core and arms, when I pose. It’s so important for me to feel strong. When I have a show or a specific shoot coming up, I train for it full on, like an athlete would train for a game.”

 She thinks modelling has changed over the years: “It used to be that if you had a swim shoot, you’d go away for two weeks and spend the first four days getting a suntan, Now we work 12 hours a day, every day, and I can be on a plane every two days. It’s almost like a chess game, where we’re the pieces.” She isn't afraid to work hard for what she wants which she thinks comes from her African background: “Africa is not for wussies. It’s in our culture to be hard workers.”

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