Lucky Blue Smith: Insta-famous Male Model

Aged just 16, American male model Lucky Blue Smith is Insta-famous and it's quickly bridging the gap into reality. With over 550,000 followers on his Instagram, Lucky is now also greeted by fans who wait to catch a glimpse of him after shows and appearances, and the crowds are only getting bigger.

With his signature blonde hair (recently changed from a natural blonde to a striking peroxide shade) striking eyes and chiselled jawline, it's easy to see why fans are eager to see Lucky in the flesh. The model is even experiencing extreme fandom, the likes of which Cara Delevingne likely doesn't even have to deal with regularly. According to his mother, at a recent show, the fans caused chaos: “The crowd of girls was so big on this small street that they were literally blocking traffic. There must have been 75 of them. Two older girls took charge and led the fans through to an open square.”

With his followers just multiplying, Lucky's fame is only just beginning - and he has already been the face of Calvin Klein. The clue is in the name.

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