Andreja Pejic: "I Achieved My Personal Dream and Completed My Transition"

Andreja Pejic recently made her return to the catwalk at the Giles Autumn/Winter 2015 show after completing her transition to become a woman. She was previously known as an androgynous male model in the fashion industry. Now, Andreja has spoken on making her dream come true, admitting it hasn't been easy: “It was a very, very intense year. I achieved my personal dream and completed my transition to be able to live life as a woman. I came out to the world and the press, then started rebranding and planning my comeback.” 

Andreja points out that it was Jean Paul Gaultier who first understood her feminine beauty and wasn't afraid to use her in his womenswear shows: “I started with his men’s shows, then did his women’s shows, the couture, the [women’s] campaign. [Gaultier] came along and supported me at the right time when I needed people to understand my aesthetic and what kind of career I could have.” 

Speaking on going through the gender reassignment surgery, Andreja said it wasn't the actual operation that worried her the most, but how people would react to the change: “That was the least of it. The physical aspects of the operation did not worry me. I was more nervous about coming out to the press and how it would affect my career. I found out that transition was a possibility at the age of 13; every day since then was a waiting period. It took me 10 years to get here and there was never a moment when I didn’t want this. No amount of physical pain would have made a difference to that.”

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