Cara Delevingne Doesn't Want to Play 'Stupid Blonde' or 'Sexy Girlfriend' Roles

British model Cara Delevingne has been switching over to acting recently, but she has revealed that she felt like giving up on her dream because every script she was sent immediately seemed to typecast her as either 'stupid blonde' or 'sexy girlfriend' and she didn't want those type of roles. "The first time I did Fashion Week, I was like, 'Right, I might as well give up on acting because I'm screwed'. And as soon as I became a model, I was being sent typecasting roles as the stupid blonde who gets killed really quickly, or the sexy girlfriend, or whatever. Roles I would rather die than play. I was ready to give up on it. Or not give up, but take a break." 

 Cara says that when a film that actually interested her wanted to audition her for the part, she became very emotional: "When I finally got a serious role to audition for, I cried on the phone, I was so happy. Not even a film, just an audition." The model-turned-actress says she is now fighting to have her voice heard on set: "Every movie I've done I've had to fight for lines and fight for point of view. Usually it's a male director, male producers. It's all very much a man's point of view. I speak up and say, 'Girls don't do that'. Or, 'That's not something a girl would say in that situation'. It's about how men perceive women and it's not accurate, and it annoys me!"

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