Cara Delevingne Talks Fame & Choosing to Act

British model Cara Delevingne is now instantly recognisable, and she says there are some negatives to having that kind of fame. Cara says she used to love going out walking but rarely gets the chance to now that everyone knows who she is. The model says "it really upsets" her that she can no longer do this simple thing: "I like to walk around a lot. It really upsets me when I can't walk because I love walking so when I can't, because of too many people or whatever, it really upsets me. When I was just a New Yorker I'd go and walk through Times Square and just walk around, it's really funny." 

Cara believes that her modelling career just happened and it wasn't something she "expected". However, acting is something she has always wanted to do: "Modelling I love but acting is my passion. I think modelling kind of chose me, it's never what I expected, I always wanted to be an actress and I think I use acting so much in modelling. You ask anyone I do a shoot with, I'm always running around doing accents, dancing, singing, it's never just a normal shoot!"

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