Edie Campbell Finds "Victoria’s Secret Models a Bit Weird"

British model Edie Campbell has confessed that she doesn't understand why there is a need for Victoria's Secret models. She believes the lingerie company are making women into something to be "offered up to men" and although she knows the reality isn't easy, she would rather look at it from her own idealistic point of view: “I always find Victoria’s Secret models a bit weird. It’s just a load of girls going, 'Look how good my cleavage looks’. It’s purely women offered up to men. Regardless of the reality, I would rather be idealistic and believe women are better than that.” 

 Edie also believes women who make money from taking their clothes off in general aren't doing the world any favours. She explained that it's just making men think it's okay for women to be seen as sex objects: “You get girls that have made a s––– tonne of money out of taking their clothes off – and largely by being a sex object. Victoria’s Secret is like coal mining; Kelly Brook is like a coal mine. It’s not good for the general environment, but, until you find an alternative source of energy, then good for you.”

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