Karlie Kloss Debates The Positives & Negatives of Social Media

Karlie Kloss is very active on social media - but what does she really think about it? The model has shared their candid thoughts, and she sees both negative and positive aspects when it comes to getting so involved with social media.

The model thinks that it does have a tendency to stop people from really experiencing: "I do think there is something special that has been lost a little bit—that is, simply being present, without the distraction of being the first one to immediately tweet what the nail color is backstage at Calvin Klein, as opposed to just being there in the moment. I think that's the case, not just for me as a model, but the audience. All the editors are taking pictures and sharing that. There's good and bad to it." 

She believes some people just don't need one, and it in fact could detract from them as figures: "I think somebody like Kate Moss doesn't need to have an Instagram. She's always going to be Kate Moss. There's something about that mystery, not knowing what she had for breakfast." She sees how being active on social media is incredibly powerful now: "It's an interesting sign of the times that models are being booked for jobs and covers because of their following on a social media platform. I walked in the Balmain show for Olivier Rousteing. If you rounded up all the numbers of the majority of his line-up, there would be upwards of 10, 15 million followers." 

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